Before any mother will sooner or later becomes an acute issue of feeding a child properly and natural food. Before the year is, of course, you can give your baby homogenized sauce, but then the baby is required to acquaint with normal eating “off the table.” Cooking a meal, of course, you need a blender.

A child under the age of one year can not survive on their own food, so it is necessary to finely chop. Puree – ideal for its consistency food for the baby, so we need a blender, which is better to do the task.

Yes, any model will be able to make a smoothie, but some do it better. For example, the exceptional blenders can prepare a portion of 100-200 ml, which is enough for a child. Blenders, calculated on large volumes, small portions of cooked badly, and so gradually we come to the first selection criterion.

It is best to cope with small portions of the immersion blender – its design enables very high quality products to grind in order to obtain only 100 ml of puree. To select the correct model in the first place have to decide on the tasks assigned to the appliance.

oster single serve blender

The price model is largely dependent on the manufacturer. One of the undoubted leaders in a company Braun (Braun blenders reviews on here). Also play an important role in the selection and affect the price of other parameters: power, tools, construction materials.

mixing nozzle


The cheapest models are equipped with a nozzle for mixing and chopper, which is sufficient for the preparation of baby food. The more expensive models have included the beaters for whipping, wall holders, cups for mixing. Much of this you do not need, and if the budget you have limited, it is enough to buy an immersion blender with a nozzle for crushing and mixing. To prepare the baby food mother used only for mixing nozzle (foot blender), which may be plastic or metal.

Metal, of course, a stronger material in comparison with the plastic, but such blenders are more expensive. Plastic cope with their task is not worse because in terms of the effectiveness of the material does not matter. Another thing is that with the fall of the plastic may crack and break, and in this respect, win, metal models.

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Blender Models for baby food

Thus, the selection criteria are not so much: it must be a submersible model, and complete the leg must always be to mix (it will anyway). Next, imagine the most popular models:

Philips HR 1372 at the price of $ 66 with the metal part of the submersible. Excellent model, which is suitable not only for baby food, as It comes with whisk for whipping, chopper and grinder.